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        Name:      EQUATION

        Bio :   hello contact me for any snapchat hack you have , i give prove before payment and i accept payment by escrow , you can request for any type of prove until you are satisfied, once job is completed , i can finish the hack in less than 5 hours after which you can request for prove , snapchat hack cost 350$ send me an email and i will get back to you within 24 hours .

      Price:   350$   Email:   equationhacker@hotmail.com

        Name:      nightexploit

        Bio :   hey you , need a hacker to help you hack snapchat urgently ? the contact me right away , i am codename: nightexploit i have been hacking for roughly 12 years , i am an ex-member of known hacking communities like hellbound hackers , equation hackers and the russian penta-guards ,i am offering my snapchat hacking service to you at a cheap price (300$),please note that my payment for all first time clients is by escrow , this is to establish trust .

      Price:   300$   Email:   nightexploit@mailo.com

        Name:      drone13

        Bio :   Hello to you my friend , you can call me hackdrone , i am a hacker from isreal , i am here to offer you my hacking services at an affordable prices . i offer services like : facebook hacking (350$) , Instagram hacking(350$), Twitter hacking (300$), wechat hack (400$) , Mobile phone hacking (500$) , whatsapp hack (400$) , viber hack (400$) , Grade changing hack (500$) , Credit Scores adjustment (500$) , snapchat hacking (450$) and website hacking (400$) you can contact me to help you with any of this hacks , i can only do one service at a time so request for one job per email , do not flood my email or else i will not reply you , my payment is only by escrow because i have to protect my identity as a hacker . message me today i am looking forward to working with you .

      Price:   450$   Email:   hackdrone13@shazzlemail.com

        Name:      ivan

        Bio :   Hello there , thank you for taking the time to read my bio , i know there are lots of credible hackers on this platform , i will very much like to be your choice hacker to help you with this job (social media hacking) , i charge just 400$ for hacking any social media account like facebook , instagram , twitter, snapchat , tumbler, wechat , and more . i also offer concrete prove before you send any form of payment to me , my preferred payment method is by escrow .

      Price:   400$   Email:   ivancrypto13@gmail.com

        Name:      creed

        Bio :   Hello my friend , do you need a hacker to help you hack any social media account /profile , i can help you hack facebook , instagram , snapchat , twitter , viber and any social media platform , the fee for social media account hack is 450$ and you are entitled to request for any form of prove before paying me , social media hack takes an estimated time of 8 hours to be completed after which you can request prove , you must setup payment in escrow before i start any job .

      Price:   450$   Email:   firstcreedhacker@gmail.com

        Name:      code reaper

        Bio :   Hello my name is jack i am a certified black hat hacker with over 5 years experience in hacker and offensive exploits , i can assist you with hacking snapchat , i can give you any type of prove you request for before you pay me . my fee for snapchat hacking is 300$ (USD) , my payment method is through the find a hacker escrow service for all first transactions. send me an email if you would like me to help you hack a snapchat account .

      Price:   300$   Email:   codereaping-hacker@hotmail.com